No. 21011/3/78-Estt (A) New Delhi, the 31st May,1978


All Ministries and Departments of the Government Of India with usual number of spare copies  

No. 21011/3/78-Estt(A)   

New Delhi, the copy, with usual number of spare copies, to:-  

  1. Comptroller & Auditor General of India, with 200 spare copies.
  2. Central Vigilance Commission with 25 spare copies.
  3. Union Public Service Commission with 25 spare copies.
  4. Commissioner for Linguistic Minorities, Allahabad.
  5. Lok Sabha / Rajya Sabha Sectt.
  6. All attached and Subordinate offices of MHA and D.P & A.R.
  7. Copy to all Administrative Sections in the Deptt. Of Personnel and A.R.
  8. Copy to :- DS( R) /JS)(E)/JS(S)/AIS III Section.

  (R.C. Gupta)
Deputy Secretary to the Govt. of India.


Last Update Date :- 27-03-2018

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