The Vision


  • Transparency is the key to professionalism .
  • Maximum possible data sharing.
  • Free dialogue encouraged.
  • To move towards tangible performance appraisal and measurement of team results.


Development of trust through a Career Development Plan In 30 years of service in the Government, on average 10 to 12 postings are given. These could be categorised in
the functional categories:

  • Regulatory and Revenue generating
  • Development and Welfare Oriented
  • Service Rendering
  • Deputation to Autonomous Bodies, DDA, MCD, Corporations etc

Every officer could get minimum of 2 postings in each of the above four categories.

  • Specialisation should be balanced with job enrichment
  • Team spirit : No single individual can achieve large tasks Team spirit should be rated high in the scheme of things
  • Leadership rather than supervision


  • Due recognition of talent and potentials
  • Planned Training Programme followed by appropriate posting.
  • Self-actualization through creative and innovative action.


  • Ethical values​
  • Societal concern.
  • Personal integrity.


Last Update Date :- 27-03-2018

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