Government of India/Bharat Sarkar
Ministry of Home Affairs/Grih Mantralaya
Department of Personnel and Administrative Reforms
(Karmik Aur Prashasnik Sudhar Vibhag)

New Delhi, the 31st May, 1978.    


Subject:- Confidential Reports-Question whether a relative of a Government employees can report on the latter.    

The undersigned is directed to say that an instance had come to the notice of the Government in which a reporting officer wrote Confidential Reports on his subordinate who happened to be his close relative. In this connection, a question had arisen whether a reporting officer could write reports on his close relative who may happen to be his subordinate officially. The matter has been examined carefully and the following decisions taken:

  1. The administrative authority may take care that, to the extent possible, a close relative of an official is not placed under the direct charge of that official where the latter has to write the C.R of the former.

  2. Should such a situation become inescapable, it should not be allowed to continue beyond the bearest minimum time possible.

  3. In such a situation, the employee should abstain from writing the annual confidential report of the employee who is his close relative and instead, the reviewing officer should take on the role of the reporting officer.

  4. If a similar relationship exists between the reviewing officer on one hand and the officer reported upon then the other, the same would apply in respect of the reviewing officer and the role of the reviewing officer would be transferred to the authority next higher up.

  5. In cases of this nature, where there is any doubt, it would be incumbent upon the reporting officer to consult the next higher authority before he writes the confidential report.

Ministry of Finance etc are requested to bring the above decisions to the notice of all administrative authorities under their control for strict compliance.

    (R.C. Gupta)


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