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  1. All Heads of Departments,
    Govt. of Delhi,
    Delhi/New Delhi 
  2. All Heads of Autonomous
    Organizations/Local Bodies/
    Public Sector Undertakings of
    Govt. of Delhi.
    Delhi/New Delhi.

Subject:- Deputation of officers to International organisations, Autonomous Bodies not  controlled by the Govt. or Private Bodies under Rule 6 (2) (ii) of the IAS (Cadre) Rules, 1954,IPS (Cadre) Rules, 1954 and IFS (Cadre) Rules, 1966 - writing of confidential Reports under AIS (CR) Rules, 1970 - reg.    


am directed to enclose herewith a copy of circular letter No. 11059/9/97-AIS(III) dated 12-9-97 from the Deptt. Of Personnel & Trg., Ministry of Personnel, P.G & Pension, Govt. of India on the above cited subject.

As per enclosed instructions of D.O.P.T., Govt. of India, no A.C.R. under the AIS (CR) Rules, 1970 shall be reported in respect of a member of the All India Service for the period of service in an International Organisations (other than on deputation by the Govt. of India) and in private bodies and further any assessment report for the period of service in such organisations shall not form part of A.C.R dossier of the Officer but shall be kept alongwith the other personal records maintained by the Central Govt./State Govt. However, it has been further decided that in respect of Autonomous Bodies not controlled by the Govt. where the members of the body are appointed by or in the name of the Governor of State or the President of India, the reporting / reviewing / accepting authority may be the autonomous body itself or another member of AIS or a Govt. servant on deputation to autonomous bodies either from central / state Govt. supervising the performance of the member of the service or the performance of reporting authority, as the case may be and in the name of Governor of State/President of India, no ACR under AIS (CR) Rules shall be reported in r/o a member of AIS for the period of service in the autonomous bodies and any assessment report, if reported shall not form part of the ACR dossier of the officer but shall be kept alongwith other personal records maintained by State Govt. /Central Govt.

It is requested that the enclosed instructions of Govt. of India, as referred to above may please be circulated for information land compliance.

    Yours faithfully,  


Encl:- As above  


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