Appointments on Compassionate grounds

Appointment on compassionate grounds is made to mitigate the indigent circumstances of the dependents of Govt. employees dyingin harness or retiring on medical grounds.

The following activities are involved :-

  • Completion of Forms & Details in Respect of Applications Received.
  • Compilation of All Cases With Data Summary.
  • Collection ofVacancies in Various Departments, of Group ‘C’ & ‘D’ Posts in Direct Recruitment Quota.
  • Calculation of Vacancies Available for Compassionate appointments.
  • Convening the Meeting of Screening Committee.
  • Verification of the Short listed Cases.
  • Approval for Compassionate Appointment by competent authority.
  • Refer the Case to the Dept. Where Vacancy Exists, for Appointment.


Last Update Date :- 27-03-2018

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